Welcome to Retreat Salon!

Because of today’s fast pace lifestyle, most of us don’t have enough time to pamper ourselves. In that case, we want to separate our mind and body from our hectic schedule and retreat to a place where we can be free from all of our stress. We strive to provide excellent, top notch, and high-end service, at an affordable price, to all of our clients. Coming from twenty years of experience in the health care industry, customer service has always been my number one priority.

Based on my past experiences as a customer, I have visited a lot of businesses where my needs were not being met. Often times the staff is not properly trained and this leads to a lot of problems. It could affect the clients in a negative way. Here at Retreat Salon we plan to take a different approach. Our staff is properly trained to communicate and receive important feedback from our clients. We want to make sure all of our staff takes the time to care for you thoroughly from the time you step into our Retreat until, you are finished.

One of our other main goals is to carry a high quality product in a natural organic base form.
These products are good for our body; most of our products are in plant base and not chemical base.

Salon Services
Cut / Style / Color / Makeup
Nail Services
Mani / Pedi with the latest
trendy colors & designs.
Spa Services
A New Standard of
High Quality Products
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