Manicure and pedicures have grown in popularity among men and women. There are many reasons why you should get your nail service here.  We are all licensed professionals. We sanitize our foot-bath with disinfectant between each client use and sterilize our tools with a hospital grade standard. We also discard all wooden sticks, nail files and buffers after each use. Your health and safety is our main concern. We want you to feel comfortable and worry free when you visit our Retreat Salon.
Natural Nail Treatment

Mani or Pedi (20-25min)

Ladies Mani $28  Basic Pedi $37  Combo $65 (Reg polish)

Men Mani $28  Basic Pedi $37  Combo $65 (Reg polish)

Your experience begins with a warm natural Aroma salt soothing feet soak or Aroma oil hand soak. Next, we will carefully cut the nail shape that you desire, care for your cuticles, and relax you with a tension releasing light massage. We then finish with a fresh coat of nail lacquer.
His and Hers Replenish Pedi (35-45min)
Hers Pedi $62  His Pedi $62 (Reg polish)
This treatment is for those who have super dry feet, cuticles, and cracked heels. Indulge in full cuticle care, callus removal, ginger oil & cream dip to help restore moisture to your feet. Also, includes shaping, light massage and hot towel. We conclude with nails buffed to shine or Reg polish.
Gentlemen Mani or Classic Pedi (25-30min)

Mani $28  Pedi $42  Combo $70 (Reg polish)

The perfect treatment for the athlete or man-on-the-go starts with an Aroma salt soothing feet soak or Aroma oil hand soak and invigorating exfoliation. The treatment also concludes a deep tissue moisturizing light massage with your Aroma therapy oil or cream, pedicure and buffing leaves your feet will feel attractive, smooth and well groomed.
Quick relief Foot Spa
$50 (20 min)
Everyone carries their stress differently. First, enjoy getting your foot soaked in an Aroma salt. After you done with soaking your feet, we will massage your calf’s down to your feet. Feet have pressure points that affect the way other parts of your body feel.
Deluxe Nail Care (Pedi)

Ladies: Mani $28  Pedi $62 (40-50 min) Combo $90  (Reg polish)

Men: Mani $28  Pedi $62  Combo $90  (Reg polish)

Treat yourself with these royal treatments. These are the most Indulging and invigorating services in the hands and feet. These services include all the essential steps. First, let us introduce you with a relaxing feet soak in a lavender scent of crystal rock salt or hand soakin a rich organic oil solution. Then we will shape your nail shape as you desire and removed any hang nails. And then with our hot stone-massage, this will help to promote circulation, and relax your muscles to reduce tension and stress. We Followed our sugar exfoliation scrub to remove patches of dry skin this will improve skin tone and texture. Next, we will apply mint mask this treatment to help cleanse and hydrate your skin, followed with the hot towel wrap. Finish off with a fresh coat of regular nail lacquer or add Gel color for extra cost. This new technology Gel color not only lasts up to 3 weeks. We are also using the latest technology Led Light: it’s only take 60 second to dry in between each coat, it is a lot quicker than the UV light and you don’t have to worry expose to skin cancer in the long run. Plus you don’t have to worry about messing up the fabulous color as you dash out of the Retreat Salon. We have many different Gel colors to choose from. This beautiful Gel color is so rich and vibrant color with continuous shine throughout until you decided to change into different colors.


Natural Nail Treatment: (Mani & Pedi) (Reg Polish)

Ladies (Reg) Mani or Basic Pedi (20-25 min)  Combo $65

Men Mani $28 Basic Pedi $37/ Combo $65

Deluxe Nail Care: (Pedi)  (Reg polish)

Ladies Mani $28  Pedi $62 (40-50 min) Combo $90

Men  Mani $28  Pedi $62  Combo $90

His and Hers Replenish Pedi  (Reg polish)
Hers Pedi $62  His Pedi $62 (35-45 min)
Gentlemen Mani or Classic Pedi  (Reg polish)

Mani or Pedi (25-30 min)

Mani $28 Pedi $42 Combo $70

Quick relief Foot Spa
 $50 (20 min)


Additional Nail Treatments
Kids 6yrs and under Reg (Mani/Pedi)  (Reg polish)
Teens Basic (Mani/Pedi)  (Reg polish)
French Tip (Mani or Pedi)
Extra $12
Nail Art Design (per nail)
3-D Effect (per nail)
Dipping nail / Acrylic remove
Gel Remove Soak Off (mani or pedi)
Gel Manicure
Gel Basic Pedicure 
Gel Builder Mani
Add Gel polish (pedi)
Hand Paraffin Wax
Foot Paraffin ginger oil & cream
Extended Massage (10)min